Monday, August 16, 2010

This is baby Chance.  Remember when he was born?  Well he just had his 5 month birthday and boy is he happy.  He is such a happy, healthy baby.  He rolls over both ways now and his mama swears he says, "Mama".  LOL  He laughs outloud and his eyes twinkle.  Pugsmom is very thrilled with her great grandson.
All that smiling wore him out.  Chance and his favorite monkey decided to take a snooze. 

Did you all do anything special for National Night Out?  I took a couple of my grandkids to the neighborhood park and all the neighbors were there we had a pot luck dinner and the kids played games and firemen from the Gladstone Fire Department and police officers from the Gladstone Police Department came with their sirens on and talked to the kids and gave them hats and sticker badges.  It was fun.  Here's my grandson John and grand daughter, Nicki and their friend Nikk.
They were into dessert by the time I took these pictures.
We all had a good time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Puggy down!!!! Is there a doctor in the house?

The puggies got into a fight two days ago; of all things it was over a bite of bread. 

Phoebe got injured and today she had to go to the vet to get her toenail removed.
On the way home we stopped and McDonalds and got a McMuffin to share.  She's a happy camper now.

I wonder if everyone that has more than one pug has problems with them fighting.  Why can't they all just love each other?