Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Update!!

I've been falling behind on this blog project.

Before I go any further I want to explain something.  I adopted three of my grandchildren many years ago, so my grandchildren became my legal children.  When my "daughter" gave birth to her son we puzzled about whether he was my grandson or my great grandson.  I find myself using the terms interchangeably now.  If I confuse you I'm really sorry.  I tend to call my adopted grandchildren my children and I call their children my great grandchildren.

Today I'm doing a baby update.  My first great grandson will be 2 years old in March.  You've met him on my blog.  His name is Chance.  My second great grandson turned 1 year old last November.  I got busy and forgot to introduce you.  This is Damion.
Damion and Chance are becoming best friends.
By the end of next month Damion will have a new baby sister.
Here she is, but you'll have to use your imagination, because she's still inside her mom.  LOL

I just attended a beautiful baby shower for Baby Amerie.  The invitation said it was for Amy and Steven (mom and dad), but we all know it's really for babies.  Everyone had lots of fun and even Damion got a present. 

Next Baby Update should have a new baby in it. :-)

It's a happy day!!!