Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I have been trying to use Puglet's mom's technique to take pictures of my pugs.  I got cookies and told them to "Wait" and "Sit".  I put hats on them and beads around their necks and as fast as I got the hats on, they took them off.  They wanted the cookies, but did NOT want those hats on.  LOL  I had to be quick to get this one. 

Of course it was much easier getting pictures of the grandkids and my son.

Turn about is fair play; they had to take one of me.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone. 

Monday, December 28, 2009


I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas and my prayers went out to all those that could not be with their families and loved ones this Christmas.

Christmas Eve was special for me this year.  My daughter invited me for Christmas dinner and to watch Christmas movies.  It was just her and me and she made a wonderful pasta dish with a yummy red wine and gave me a gift at my place at the table.  After dinner we talked and laughed and her friend dropped by and we talked and laughed some more.  We never did watch Christmas movies.  We had such a good time we decided we might make this event an annual one each Christmas Eve.  Thank you Shemry, you made a wonderful memory.

Shemry said I should start a new tradition. She told me I should take my tree down New Year's Eve instead of the day after Christmas and then New Year's Day I could get up to a brand new fresh start. I thought that was a good idea and I tried, I really did.  I lost the battle two days after Christmas. 

It felt so good to get the tree down and all the wonderful fantasy ornaments wrapped and put away in the Christmas trunk.  I collected all the other decorations around the house (night lights, elf figurines, stockings, stocking holders, door knob and toilet seat covers [just kidding, I don't have any of those LOL], candle holders etc) and wrapped them carefully in tissue paper and bubble wrap to keep until next year.  I also weeded out some that I no longer cared for and gave some special treasured ones to my son's family.  I vacuumed and dusted and washed the window and moved the furniture back around the room.  Wow, I love this feeling.  I won't be sorry New Year's day or even New Year's Eve.  It's all done now and I can relax and watch the Waterford Crystal ball drop at Times Square and listen to the neighbor kids beat on pots and pans at midnight.
To all who read this I am praying that you have a blessed New Year with all your heart's desires realized.  God bless you.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Minute Shopping

We thought we were finished with all our shopping until we spotted Phoebe sitting under the tree as if she thought she was someone's present.  It was then we realized that we hadn't bought the animal gifts yet. 

Off to PetSmart and PetCo we went.  I won't tell you what we bought because both the pugs are sitting here reading over my shoulder.  We did get something for each of them and something for our Maxwell Terrier and for both of the cats.  We will wrap them and put them under the tree Christmas morning.  We can't put them under the tree now, because they would smell them and open them early.  Now you probably know what we got them.  LOL 

We have to be careful how we wrap gifts in our house.  We have one cat, Molly, who enjoys eating the curly ribbons off the front of the packages.  We will find bits of the ribbon to prove she has been there nibbling and later, when we clean the litter box there is plenty of proof that she has been dining on our ribbon artwork.

With all of our shopping really done this time we are going to hunker in and play Christmas music and eat Christmas candy and watch "It's a Wonderful Life" in black and white. 

Merry Christmas and God Bless

May God Bless the New Year

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I haven't posted in a while, but things didn't stop happening just because I didn't talk about it.  In the last six months we have lost three of our dear friends/pets.  The latest one was our gentle and loving Keeshond, Harley.

The whole family misses him so much, but one person in the family misses him the most.  My grand daughter Nicki was his constant friend.  Each night he went into her room with her and had her favorite fleecy blanket to sleep on next to her bed.  She always had a cookie for him that he patiently waited for.  She told him all her secrets; and he kept them.  His absence has made a big void in her life.  He is greatly missed by all.

The next thing that happened in my world is that my 22 year old daughter got married and my 41 year old son, an ordained pastor performed the ceremony.  The wedding was held here at our home and was very beautiful.

Now the holidays are right on top of us and it's time to remember the real reason for the season. 
Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous New Year.
God Bless