Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look on the bright side :-)

I was really feeling sorry for myself today.  I broke my glasses for the third time and am almost blind without them.  It was my own fault.  I took them off and the temples dangled and swung from the wire repairs I'd done to them the last time they broke.  I looked at them and got really mad.  I reasoned that I was stuck in economic mud and would just have to live with them.  In a fit of rage I threw them at the TV screen.  Well, that was a pretty childish thing to do and I was rewarded with newly broken temples. 

I took myself off to the Dollar Store and bought another pair of magnifier glasses.  I took the temples off and wired them to my glasses.  As long as I don't take them off no one can tell the difference.  LOL 

At that point I saw a story on the news about a family living in tents in a homeless camp site.  They say they are blessed to have other homeless neighbors that they share supplies with.  A kind lady brings them a supply of fresh water everyday and they continue to look for work.  Their children were smiling beautiful smiles and the important focus in their lives was on family unity.  I was reminded of the prayer my mother always prayed and that was for health, happiness and family unity.

I realized how blessed I am.  I have a TV to throw my glasses at.  I have electricity to turn it on and watch the news.  I have a car to take myself to the Dollar Store for more glasses.  Father God forgive me for my selfish nature and help me to be thankful for the blessings in my life.  Reach out your hand and touch those people I saw on the news that call themselves blessed.  Bless them indeed.  Thank you Jesus.  Amen

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rain rain go away, little Sandy wants to play :-(

I guess we are moving into fall now.  The sun was shining when I got up this morning, but a chill was in the air.  Before noon it poured down rain and 15 minutes later it was all gone.  It's just warming up for winter.

Little Sandy isn't the only one who wants to play.  The pug girls, Phoebe and Kizzy were hoping to go out front and chase a bird or two. 

Phoebe got out of the house and jumped in the car when I was on my way to the post office early this morning. 
Can you see her there peeking at me from behind the steering wheel?  LOL

I did eventually coax her out of the car, but she wasn't happy about it.

Next time I go out I'll take her along just to humor her. 

I hope everyone had a great Monday.  I know it's hard to start another week, but think of all the opportunities out there just for the taking. 
Have a great Tuesday!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Phoebe and Kizzy hate it when I go outside without them. 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

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Rock hounding today in Hillsboro

I made a trip to the Hillsboro, Oregon Fairgrounds today to the rock and gem show.  They will be there for two more days, check it out!!  That's my baby sister and her fiance behind the amazing assortment of beautiful gemstones and other items.  My sister came up with a wonderful idea for me to help support Pacific Pug Rescue.  I'll be working on that and share it in the future.  In the meantime if you are a rock hound or know someone who is tell them to head for the Hillsboro Fairgrounds.  I got to see how stones are faceted.  There was a silent auction going on and a wonderful display of fossils, thunder eggs, and so many other amazing things our mother earth has to surprise us.  Check out the huge supply of pietersite stones Danna and Jerry (my sister and her fiance) have to sell.  Each piece of pietersite seems to have it's own scene and story to tell.  Tell them Sister Sandy sent you.  :-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saying goodbye is so very, very hard.

Burt lost his battle with cancer.  He has now joined our sweet little pug that we lost 6 months ago.  Our hearts are breaking and we keep remembering all the cute little things he did how what a trusted and loyal friend he was.  Words cannot express how much we miss them.  My blog today is dedicated to our handsome Cocker Spaniel Burt and our sweet little Pug Autumn.
Even though Burt couldn't be laid to rest next to Autumn, we made a memorial next to our front porch and we great them each morning and are happy they have each other, a friendly, loving comfort.
Rest In Peace Dear Sweet Friends

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I shall overcome!!

After my sweet husband went home to be with the Lord the hardest thing I had to face was making decisons alone, no one to talk them over with.  The second hardest thing I had to face was.........YARD WORK! 
After a busy day of grocery shopping, dealing with the cable guy (not Larry), I went out back to water plants and clean off the deck. I decided I needed to mow my small lawn and weed eat the weeds.  I got out the mower and pushed all the right buttons that my son showed me to push and pulled on that darned rope until I nearly wet my pants and still couldn't start the mower.  Finally, one last pull and it took off.  I pushed and shoved and panted and groaned and then remembered how he told me to set the automatic thingy, so it would go by itself.  What a difference.  I set that thingy and pushed the bar and that darned mower took right off with me sailing along behind until I thought to let go.  With that finally done it was time to tackle the weeds along the edges.  I hooked up the weed eater and pulled out just the right amount of cord and set to work.  I'm not the best weed eater operator.  I used way more cord that was probably necessary and it still looked unkept.  I worked at it until I was ready to go get my sewing scissors and trim them by hand. 
I watered the plants and finally it was time to clean off the deck.  This should be easy I thought.  I hooked up the blower (I'm not a very good blower operator either :-( and blew off the deck fifteen times because it kept blowing one way and then back again.  Lastly I hooked up the power washer to clean off the rubber mat we keep at the door in the kitchen. Well, I guess by now I don't have to tell you I'm not a very good power washer operator either. I would have done about as well if I'd just used the hose. Things look better though and I feel content that I accomplished something.
As we sat down to dinner I told my son that his power washer was a piece of poop because it just trickled out.  He informed me I needed to turn on the power and it would make a lot of noise.  Oh.......You mean I used it all that time and never even turned it on?  Sigh. 
Dinners over, dishes done, deck is clean and it's time for tea and relaxation.  Well, for the pugs anyway.  They beat me to my chair. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

She's only being helpful.

Today I was gone from home all day.  I fed the pugs before I left and while I was gone my daughter-in-law fed them again, thinking I would be late.  Kizzy was so grateful for the extra meal today that she decided to help me with dishes.  I guess she figured I would save on electricity if she just licked them clean.  Good thing there's a sanitizer on that machine. 
I'm off to watch America's Got Talent hoping Kevin Skinner is the big winner.  The puggy girls, Phoebe and Kizzy will be cuddled up beside me on the couch hoping for an animal act. 
Good night all!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day of rest.........after yesterday!

Yesterday I wore myself out.  Today I feel like I've been in a fast paced exercise class.  After cleaning the garage and sewing room and watering plants and fixing dinner I was worn out.  I had my own paparazzi at the end of the day. 
By the time this picture was taken I still had the plants to water and dinner to fix.  My little camera girl stayed right with me.
Armed with a spray bottle I was waving the shovel to make sure I didn't walk into any spider webs on the way to the clematis.   
A cook I am NOT.  Dinner was chicken basted in orange juice and butter, frozen peas and broccoli pasta alfredo out of a bag.
By now the paparazzi is getting to me, so I threatened to spray her if she didn't give it a rest and give this old grandma some privacy.  LOL  I broke my glasses during the garage cleaning.  Like my new look?
She was good natured and put the camera away, so I turned the tables on her and took her picture.
After all that cleaning yesterday I took today off to rest and clean the family room and the furnace room and work on the sewing room some more......and......

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bath Day--You'd think being clean would make them look happier. :-)

The fleas were just taking over and the flea treatment didn't seem to work anymore.  I decided to give my little pugs a bath in some new flea shampoo I'd ordered from Melaleuca.  Oh my gosh, the fleas just started dying immediately!!  The girls only liked the part where I scrubbed and rubbed them for 5 minutes while the shampoo was on them.  They didn't really like the spray nozzle scaring them to death.  When the bath was over and they got a chance to get me back by shaking off their water in my face they were pretty frisky.  The whole bath thing wore them out and they napped the rest of the day. 
Their little cousin Max got a bath too.  He did very good being as how his human usually gives him a bath and he wasn't used to me.
Max got his toenails trimmed too.  He was sure happy to see his human when she got home from work.  I'll bet she got an earful when he got her alone.  LOL
Without the fleas they all slept more peacefully last night.  I guess this bath thing is going to happen more often.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's my birthday