Saturday, May 13, 2017

I have sort of seen myself as the keeper of the memories in the past. I have always had a very good memory for past events, names and places. I have always taken everything other people didn't have a place for in their life anymore. I have attached a memory/story to every item I possess. At times people have marveled at how accurately I remember things and my kids always loved hearing the stories of each and every thing I displayed in my home.

Things, times and people change. Things that have changed are the cost of renting and buying; also the restrictions put on pets, appliances, changes to a dwelling. Times that have changed are the unrest and overall insecurity of the world around us. People age and the things that meant so much to them in the past are transient later in life and all that matters is the relationships and quality of life.

I don't think I am going to be the keeper of the memories anymore. I've imparted all I know to impart to my loved ones. I will continue to share my memories and life experiences as long as they want to hear them and find them enriching and enjoyable. The keepsakes I've collected through the years are mine and, in the end, they don't mean as much, if anything, to my family/kids.

Honestly, seeing the life my kids have been carving out for themselves, there really isn't room for the many (too many) items I've kept so close to my heart through the years. They either have not settled into a life yet with home and roots or they have a different style of what they like and all these "things" simply don't fit.

I'm ready to give up my past and settle into what is left of my life. I plan to make it as good and joyful and peaceful and comfortable and exciting as I want at any given time. I still want to surround myself with things I love and things that make me happy and make me smile. They might be things from my past or treasures I've found along life's highways. (No, not dumpster diving. LOL)

I know there will be times that someone might say, "How can you give that up? It's been in the family for years". Or, "You can't let that go, it's always been so important to you". The thing is, no one else wants it or it isn't important to them or they don't have room for it or it doesn't fit their style or they can't take it now, but maybe in the future.

There's a few things that fill me with joy and memories galore. They will stay. For the time being almost everything I own is in one of four storage units and I haven't seen them for nearly a year. I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted and deciding what will fit into my limited space and what will leave for a future journey with new owners who, I hope, will love them and add to their stories.


  1. I am praying that your housing situation rights itself soon. You must be so upset. Please know prayers are being sent up for you.

  2. Sis, You have been the keeper of memories. I have always loved it when you shared memories since most of them i don't remember til you share them, and that stimulates my own memories. I know the youth of today don't really care about things that belonged to generations past like we do. That is why I had to just give away Moms Curio that carried all her memories. I don't think the young collect like we did and curios don't sell like they used to. I took some of Moms furniture and pictures to a nice second hand place but they didn't want the curio even though they said it was beautiful. They have four that are not selling. So, you and I have to also learn to let go and focus on friends, family and the beautiful world around us.

    1. Ah, you and I will always share our memories. Things are just things. Family and friends and our shared memories are what is important. You are very wise. I love you.

  3. Thank you Michele. We are not where we hoped to be, but we are so blessed to be warm and safe and most of all together with four little dogs. Thank you so much for your prayers. Sandra